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  • Exploring the valley

    tomato sandwichNowhere in the world can one find the same concentration of cultures, art and tradition...
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  • Beyond the valley

    tomato sandwichThe visitor who really wants to know the Country, to feel its pulse and get to its...
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  • Adventure sports

    tomato sandwichNepal is also recognized as one of the best places to do adventure sports like rafting...
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Footprints Nepal

...follow your own steps to create positive footprints with responsible tourism.

Corporate Social Responsibility

...and let us be the change taking CSR working together with Foundation Care For All.

Dear Ajay, during my two visits to Nepal, I did enjoy our good times and you took good care of us. I appreciate your sincerity, honesty and the good conversation. I wish you all the best with Footprints Nepal! Based on your ideas, it will be a great success as far as I can see. All the best!    MJ Oskam