Jumla and West Nepal

Many people describe western Nepal as ‘unexplored”. It has a large population of both Hindus and Buddhists. The main reason behind this less explored area is the high permit fees because of the restricted area.

Situated at 2980meters Rara Lake is a good destination for a trek in western Nepal. This trek runs from the historic center of Western Nepal Jumla to the Rara National Park, which protects Nepal’s largest lake and a variety of wildlife. Jumla is also one of the most isolated regions in Nepal.

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Dolpo opened its doors for the trekkers in 1989. Since then the trekkers are exploring this unhidden beauty of Dolpo.

This trek also leads you to the Shey Phoksundo National Park, largest national park in Nepal, covering an area of 3555 square kilometers, which extend across Dolpa and Mugu districts and the Kanjiroba Himal to the Tibetan border. It contains many peaks of over 6000 meters and also contains a range of environments from the lower Himalaya to the dried up of the southern Tibetan Plateau. The national park’s two main attractions are the Phoksundo lake and the Shey Gompa.

Besides, park’s wildlife is a combination of species adapted to the high cold climate, including wild yak and lower elevations including deer, blue sheep, wolves, leopards, and monkeys. But the most famous resident is the snow leopard, which is indigenous to the mountain ranges of Central Asia.

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